Korean & American Restaurant – Bridgeport, WV

Authentically Mia’s offers Bridgeport, WV, a uniquely distinct lunchtime dining option. Featuring Korean-American fusion cuisine, the restaurant serves the same tasty Korean -style Beef and Sweet n Spicy Pork Bulgogi and Egg Rolls as prepared by Mia and enjoyed by foodies around the globe, as well as a selection of wraps, salads, sandwiches, and other American lunch favorites.

What Does
“Authentically Mia’s” Mean?

Mia Henderson spent the first 16 years of her life growing up in South Korea, a place of distinct dishes based largely on flavorful barbecued meats, vegetables, rice – and oftentimes, strong spices. Korea is the land of flavor, where pickled kimchi and vegetables sing out with ginger, green onions, sesame, pepper, and garlic-infused abundance. Red and mung beans, sweet potato glass noodles, and wild mushrooms clear a path for you as you navigate your way through this wonderland of savory cuisine and wash it all down with soju or a delightful flower tea.

While much healthier and far less fattening than other Asian cuisines, the tastes of Americans tend to shy away from many of the intense, spicy flavors and salty sauces used in several popular Korean dishes. In recognition of these taste preferences, Mia’s cuisine is aptly named, “Authentically Mia’s” because it would be inaccurate to describe her cooking as “authentic Korean” cuisine. This is important! If you enjoy Mia’s cooking, as most of us do, please keep in mind that you are not likely to find the tastes you love from Mia elsewhere at any “authentic Korean” restaurant. It is not that authentic Korean food is inferior in any way – it is simply a much more pungent and strongly flavored type of cuisine.

Mia’s cooking is best described as Korean-American fusion. In other words, our Korean-style cuisine has evolved, under Mia’s care, to be absolutely delicious to the tastes of Americans. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

“I have carefully adjusted my plates to better suit American tastes. It’s something I have worked on for many years and people seem to enjoy the results. From using the same, but fewer, of the most strongly aromatic spices, cutting back on the amount of salt, and in some cases, substituting mellower spices, I think I am able to bring out the best flavor of the meats and vegetables without leaving a taste my fellow Americans would consider harsh in any way. The focus is on enhancing the wonderful flavor and texture of these traditional dishes.”
-Mia Henderson

About Mia

Mia Henderson was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She and husband, Rick, spent the past 20 years traveling around the world – wherever Rick’s military service took them. In that time, Mia’s cooking made quite an impression on everyone who tried it. They loved Mia’s cooking – especially her Bulgogi and Egg Rolls. Often, at the end of a meal, diners would tell Mia she should open her own restaurant and share her cooking with others.

Now that Rick has retired and the Hendersons are settling down in Harrison County, the family is excited to make their longtime dream of offering delicious family recipes a reality. With the opening of Authentically Mia’s, diners in the Bridgeport area are invited to try cuisine that is not quite “authentically Korean” – it’s Authentically Mia’s!